Sunday, June 26, 2011

John the Conqueror - roots and oil make magic

I baptised my roots today. Will call them Shorty and Sammie, told them they are brothers, told them what the deal was. I told the universe what it was I wanted, enough to pay my debt. I will wear the roots wrapped in paper towels, the letter to the Divine inside my underware but outside the roots. I am using the power of the root and the oil to activate my fortune energy. I am asking the universe for the power to manifest a miracle. I am going to use the power of John the Conqueror and of green candles and incense to manifest enough money to pay our bills. We will manifest enough money to pay off all our bills. We will manifest a miracle.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gratitude and Service

The goal is to win, but for what? If our dreams are all self centered, and don't include anyone else, then what incentive does the universe have for sharing her abundance? To create more selfish people in the world? I think one of the missing pieces of the puzzle is to be thankful, and also to do some good with the spoils. Imagine winning enough to be incentived to creating something that helps relieve suffering. Imagine going to a place of misery and creating smiles, or better yet, clean water to drink. The goal has to include benefit to the source. The universe is not stupid, and doesn't share her wealth with just anyone. We have to create a plan of sharing, we have to already be thankful for what is to come.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Determination and Persistence

We are really keyed in on the target. Mickael does not shut up about it. We wake up each day and visualize before he goes to school. He is learning about things that I did not even hear about until my 30's. We watched the movie, "The Secret" last week and decided that we are going to watch it again and again, digging out those nuggets and putting them in a little book for reference. We talk about the different aspects of this and how we can make it happen. I am as excited about the prospect of manifesting something with the power of our minds as I am about the money itself. I am excited to be showing my son something of faith and of determination.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Two Rainbows - adorning the sky

Last Friday I heard a man on the radio say that someone had sent him a couple of pictures of rainbows. My Grandmother LOVED rainbows and considered them omens. She told a story of one time after a rainstorm, when she was low and depressed, of asking God, "If you hear my prayer, then show me a sign, let me see a rainbow." She did not see a rainbow and later told herself she was silly for even asking God for such a thing. My mother called her an hour or so later and said, "Mother, did you see the rainbow today? It was beautiful!"
Last Friday, after hearing the guy on the radio, I told myself that I would LOVE to see a rainbow since she had such a connection. I was talking to my mom on the phone and hung up to go inside the bank. As I exited the car, I looked up in the sky and saw the tail end of a rainbow, blocked by a building. As I walked along the sidewalk, I saw that it was complete, but something stranger, I saw that in the distance there was another rainbow, not attached as a double, but seperate as two. After leaving the bank, I called my wife to tell her and as I stopped at a redlight, I saw on the license tag in front of me, it spelled out "adorning"
What does this have to do with winning the lottery? I consider it an omen, that we are on the right path. And that my grandmother is with us...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I checked the I Ching again last night and evidently we are one step closer. When asked, "What about us winning the lottery?" , the answer came back, "Deciding". What it basically said was that it is out there, we just have to draw it into reality. We have gone through an initiation of sorts recently, our faith has been tested, and we know that we are being shown certain things at this point in our lives for a reason. We know about the power of visualization, the power of the mind, positive thinking etc. Now we just need to thread the needle, so to speak. We have the tools, let us sharpen then and key in on our target!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Never losing hope

What is the combination of events that is needed to win the lottery? Is it a question of luck? Is it granted by the gods as a reward for a life well lived? Is it destiny? Some say it can be done through visualization and affirmation. Is it a sin to pray for it? We have heard of negotiation with the Divine Mother, but how? I guess each person has a different objective, a different plan, goal and wish. Our's would be to help the cause of Gnosis in Brazil, to spread the word of the coming age. Sure we would love to travel the world and show Mickael the places he has studied about. But ultimately our goal is to make a difference in this world. To make an impact. To help bring change.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heavy Obstacle - let's release it!

I think I realize now how big the obstacle is that the I Ching spoke of. I did a reading about what I needed to do to win. It came back with a transforming line that showed a person causing an obstruction. Someone who had court dealings with us and was wishing bad luck for us. I thought immediately about the family who lives upstairs and has caused us years of suffering (God Bless them!) I have prayed for them off and on and know I have karma to pay with them, still I must see the depth of it and release it.